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Place Bookings Online


Flindle allows your customers to place bookings online. Enabling you to take bookings outside of standard business hours.

Cloud Booking System


Flindle is a resilient cloud booking system that enables you to access it anytime, from anywhere on a whole range of devices.

Track Customer Analytics


Track trends and capture vital customer information. Targeted marketing to leverage successful sales channels.

Spend more time doing the things that matter

Spend less time answering phones, putting pen to paper in order to organise your customers, and more time doing the things that matter. Flindle seamlessly automates the booking process reducing your administration overhead.

Make informed decisions on the fly

Never be caught short-staffed or under supplied again. Flindle tracks and provides comprehensive stats and data, giving you access to trends and analytics in order to predict consumer behaviour resulting in more profitable decision making.

Capture customers outside business hours

Stop losing customers to an un-answered phone, secure customers at all hours through a simple and intuitive online booking portal. Flindle is available even when you’re not, helping you grow your business all day, every day.